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Summer Frosé is an actual thing, and it’s here!

Frosé. It's a thing.
Jenni’s Frosé
Ah, summertime. It’s the sweetest season for sunning, pink flamingo pool floating, and outdoor sipping. However, this summer there’s a chilly new (dare say improved?) way to sip your favorite seasonal drink, rosé. Yes, frosé (aka frozen rosé) is the new ‘it beverage’ as there’s an assortment of sorbets, frozen pops, blenders and other summertime treats to indulge in. Here are some of the summer’s soon-to-be frosé favorites.     
Jeni's frosé

Jeni’s Frosé Sorbet

With just one scoop, okay maybe two scoops; you can have the zests of fruity pink sangria dancing on your taste buds all season long.
shop.jenis.com, $12

Sparkling rosé

North Coast Reserve Sparkling Rosé

Whatever you do, you won’t want to arrive at any upcoming summertime socials empty-handed. Before going, chill a bottle of North Coast Reserve Sparkling Rosé and the other party goers will thank you.
www.onehopewine.com, $40

roseé gummy

Baby Frosé Bears

Biting into these peachy pink rosé infused gummy bears is a sure sign warmer days by the bay are on the way. Before eating, chill the bears in the fridge and Voilà! You’ll have baby frosé bears!
www.sugarfina.com, $8.50

ice pops

Frosé Rosé Ice Popsicles

Frosé rosé squeezable popsicles will quickly become one of the summer’s favorite snacks. The pops’ pink and white stripe wrapper is just as cute as the youthful essence of the frozen treat.
www.ocado.com, $6

fruit ice trays

Fruity Ice Trays

The secret to keeping your wine of choice chilled (aka rosé) is to freeze a portion of it as ice cubes to later refresh those depleting glasses. Here’s an idea, why not make your frosé cubes in the shape of pineapples and watermelon slices?
www.sunnylife.com, $20

blender drinks

Frosé Blender

Whipping up a batch of frosé is a pretty simple concept — rosé, ice, and whatever fruity extras you wish to add. Before mixing anything, this rosé hue smeg blender will become your new blending bestie.
www.bedbathandbeyond.com, $250


Frosé Pops

Aside from a frosty glass, frosé tastes better on a stick. Making your own frosé pops is easier than you think. The best part about having your own Quick Pop Maker is that you’ll never run out of stock.
www.zokuhome.com, $50

roseé chocolate

Rosé Chocolate Bar

What pairs well with a chilled pink pick-me-up? Rosé flavored chocolate of course! Whether you take one bite and then a sip or decide to polish off the bottle and entire candy bar it’s going to be good. Plus, this chocolate bar is gluten-free.
www.compartes.com, $10

fun wine glassware

Frosé Drinkware

Naturally, frosé is better enjoyed when drinking from a sparkly glass. This super fun (and glittery) drinkware bundle will have you enjoying one glass of frosé after the next. Cheers!
www.bando.com, $48

wine floatie

Rosé Bottle Pool Float

Last, but not least, floating into the sunset on a pink inflatable drink float while yes, enjoying your frozen millennial pink cocktail is just one of summer’s many perks!
www.urbanoutfitters.com, $28  

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