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Sunday gossip roundup: A Justin Bieber pot scandal

Justin Bieber is taking flak for photos posted by TMZ of the Canadian pop star smoking what appears to be marijuana, but the singer is trying to take it in stride. “Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. [You] get knocked down, [you] get up,” Bieber posted to his fans on Twitter. “Back on tour tomorrow. Ready to see [you] all smile. Time to do what I’m supposed to be doing. Performing.”

“Gangster Squad” star Josh Brolin rang in the New Year for a bit too long, getting arrested at 11:30 p.m. on Jan. 1 for public intoxication outside a Santa Monica, Calif., bar, according to E! News. “He was intoxicated and unable to care for himself,” a police spokesman says. “He was booked and released with no further action pending.” And if his mugshot is any indication, Brolin wasn’t too thrilled about the ordeal.

As “Zero Dark Thirty” star Jessica Chastain‘s fame increases, don’t expect her to become part of a Hollywood couple. “I have dated an actor before, at Juilliard, but since then, I’ve only been on a couple of dates with one and I was so freaked out someone was going to take a picture of us, because they were famous,” she tells InStyle. Of course, it wasn’t just the potential for paparazzi that got to her. “I realized I wanted just to be able to hang out with someone, and I didn’t want to talk about the business, first of all,” she says. “I love movies. But I love talking about them like when I was 15 years old. I’m a film fan, but I don’t want to talk about auditions or what movie I’m gonna do. I find that so boring.”

Russell Crowe knows how to handle criticism, especially when it comes to his singing in “Les Miserables.” Singer Adam Lambert took to Twitter to complain about the film, posting that it “suffered massively [because of] great actors pretending to be singers.” But apparently there are no hard feelings, as Crowe himself posted to Twitter, “I don’t disagree with Adam. Sure it could have been sweetened, [director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it was.”

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