Super Bowl brings out the crowds in Halifax - Metro US

Super Bowl brings out the crowds in Halifax

There are a few things that can reduce grown men to tears — love, death and football.

Not necessarily in that order.

And when it comes to the Super Bowl, many across HRM have their routines.

“We play football every year. We played this morning at Saint Mary’s on the ice under the snow,” said Darrell Woodill.

Tradition is tradition, even if it meant, in this case, Woodill pulling his groin. A New England Patriots fan — don’t mention last year’s Super Bowl — Woodill staked out Bubba Ray’s sports bar for the game.

His friend Trevor Evans was clad in an Arizona Cardinals jersey. They showed up hours early to guarantee a spot. If the Cardinals can win, it’ll be a good night.

“I’ll just be really happy for Kurt Warner.

“It’s nice to see the underdog win sometimes,” he said.

On the other hand, he doesn’t like to think about the Pittsburgh Steelers winning.

“I will go home and sulk to my fiancé, who will have no sympathy for me because I will be getting home quite late tonight,” he laughed.

Bubba Ray’s manager Shawn MacLeod said things had slowed down slightly due to the recession, but turnout had been good for big events like Ultimate Fighting Championship fights.

It’s the first Super Bowl party for the bar, but they’re expecting a big turnout.

“We couldn’t do reservations for our tables because we had enough people calling to reserve that we could have reserved the restaurant twice,” he said.

Across the street at Oasis, Oliver Deguerre is getting ready to cheer on his Steelers.

He likes the story of the underdog Cardinals and their comeback quarterback, but not enough to root for them.

“It’s a team who’s getting there for the first time. I can feel for them. I’m looking for them to play well.

“But obviously I’m going to support my team,” he said.

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