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Supermarket foods star in Seth Rogen’s raunchy ‘Sausage Party’

(Reuters) – Actor and writer Seth Rogen brings his latest offering to the big screen with “Sausage Party”, an innuendo-filled animated film focusing on supermarket foods unaware of what happens to them after they leave store shelves.

The movie, whose voice cast includes Salma Hayek and Kristen Wiig, has had a long journey to make it to cinema screens, remaining shelved without financiers for years.

“I don’t know how the movie’s going to do, I don’t know if it’s going to be received well,” Rogen said at the film’s premiere on Tuesday.

“But I know that it exists and in many ways that in itself is more than I could have said at many points throughout this process, like we’ve been trying so hard to make this movie. It’s something that we very much believe in.”

“Sausage Party” hits cinemas worldwide from Thursday.

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