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Supermoon Bakehouse launches ultimate summer cheat day eat, croissant butter soft serve

supermoon bakehouse soft serve
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There are a couple places in New York City consistently pumping out what we would have to call cheat day eats. They’re gooey and buttery and sugary and, as you can imagine, totally full fat. Supermoon Bakehouse is the newest master of this majestic type of treat — although they did once partner with protein-packed frozen dessert company Halo Top — and they just launched a summer dessert that might take the cake, er, croissant.

Croissants might not be packed with sugar, but their butter-infused layers put them high on the list of cheat day eats if you generally try to eat like a healthy adult. Any New Yorker who’s ever walked by the Eli Zabar bakery on the Upper East Side in the evenings knows how just the smell of that buttery dough can set off a whole host of cravings. But who wants a fresh-from-the-oven treat when it’s hot and disgusting like only the city in the summer can be?

Enter Supermoon Bakehouse’s croissant butter soft serve. Yes, you read that right, and we’re happy to translate for you: full fat, full flavor soft serve that channels their perfectly lacquered pastries. “The flavor, taste and texture is honestly still blowing our minds,” the company writes about its own delicious creation. “It’s a SWEET, SALTY, BUTTERY, ICY COLD F****** DREAM.” Consider us sold.

But you didn’t expect croissant butter soft serve to come without the croissant part, did you? The silky frozen sweet is topped with crushed pieces of Supermoon Bakery’s signature croissants, which “have been flavorfied (made that word up) in extra salt and sugar.” You’ll also find a croissant chip stuck in the side of your cup, which “has been twice baked with extra salt, butter and sugar on it.”

supermoon bakehouse

For added fun, the whole thing is served with a cup and spoon that change color based on temperature. Unfortunately that means you will have to pace yourself with the pastry-inspired soft serve. If you don’t let it warm up a little, your spoon and bowl won’t change color, after all.

But wait! Supermoon Bakehouse has another soft serve flavor

The trendy bakery announced over the weekend that they were also launching Ferrero Rocher soft serve if you like things chocolaty. They also have extended hours, so you have until 11pm (Sunday through Thursday) and midnight (Friday and Saturday) to get your hazelnut praline and chocolate soft serve topped with homemade chocolate and rice krispy chunks.



Although the price isn’t listed for the soft serve, everything at Supermoon Bakehouse costs between $4 and $8. But there’s no need to bring cash since the company accepts cards. Remember, though, once they’re out for the day, they’re out — and they sell out quickly. So get there for your soft serve fix, already!

Supermoon Bakehouse

120 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002


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