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Support for Lansdowne growing: Councillor

Support around the council table is growing for a redevelopment at Lansdowne Park.

Mayor Larry O’Brien and many city councillors spent much of the weekend attempting to build a
consensus on the issue. There appears to be growing support behind motions favouring the Lans-downe Live proposal, a city councillor said.

Barr-haven Coun. Jan Harder said the city needed to move forward in an aggressive fashion in
negotiating with the Lansdowne Live group.

Harder said they could carve off 12 acres on the canal side of the park for public space that could be subject to a design competition, or developed with the National Capital Commission.

Senators Sports and Entertainment owner Eugene Melnyk’s statement that he wasn’t interested in
a partnership seems to have simplified the process. Harder said Melnyk could still move forward with his plans to develop retail and commercial space around Scotiabank Place.

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