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Surkus, the app that pays you to party


No matter what field you work in, there are days you wish you were doing anything else but your job. What if you could get paid to party?

And yeah, there is an app for that. It’s called Surkus.

When a club or restaurant needs bodies to fill up the room, order drinks, liven the mood and convince potential patrons “this is a happenin’ place,” promoters and bar owners can hit up Surkus.

The crowd members are cast by age, sex, lifestyle and whatever the hourly rate is.

Which means… you can get paid to attend a movie premiere, a club opening or to fill up a stadium. And make your beer money while you’re drinking it.

“For the crowd side of this – think influencers or everyday people,” a spokeswoman for Surkus explained, “people who have incentive to go to specific types of events (a fashion blogger who would benefit from going to a fashion event to network and post new pictures to their blog), but it’s also everyday people who are interested in exploring new events, networking, etc.”

If you love new adventures and experiences; being the one in your group that always knows the newest, hottest places; making money ($8-$25 per hour) and new friends, you can get started by downloading the app and making a profile.

Just like other social apps, your profile should include a bio, your interests and a photo, but the No. 1 thing that Surkus wants to know is: Will you actually go to the event or will you flake out?

“From an in-house perspective, Surkus looks for people who are genuinely interested and will actually attend the events,” the spokeswoman added.

Business owners might be impressed with the technology. Not only does the app check-in the guests, but if a guest decides to get cozy at the bar in the lobby, instead of the rooftop deck dance party, Big Brother Surkus knows!