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Susan Sarandon already has an idea for ‘Bad Moms 3’

Susan Sarandon in A Bad Moms Christmas

There are some SPOILERS ahead for “A Bad Moms Christmas.” So if you haven’t seen the raunchy comedy yet then you should proceed cautiously.

We now live in a cinematic era where franchises, universes, and sequels are the norm. So it is hardly surprising that following the success of “Bad Moms” back in July, 2016, that not only has a sequel just been released, but that discussions about a third installment have already been had, too.

During my recent discussion with Susan Sarandon, who joined the franchise as Carla (Kathryn Hahn)’s mother Isis in “A Bad Moms Christmas,” the actress admitted that even those that had just joined the franchise couldn’t help but talk about a potential follow-up.

In fact, after they shot the final scene of the comedy, which sees the “Bad Moms”’ mothers depart for Las Vegas together, despite having only known each other for a few days, Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines, and Christine Baranski immediately realized that “Bad Moms 3” could, and probably should, pick up where “A Bad Moms Christmas” concludes.

“That was intentional for sure. We’re all excited for going to Vegas together. I think there are so many potential ways to go with it … I guess we’ll wait and see. That conversation was certainly going on on the day of. I hadn’t gone there. But then as soon as we went through the door and were outside we just turned to each other and went, ‘Yes! Let’s go to Vegas’.”

Sarandon even went as far as to suggest some ideas for “Bad Moms 3’s” potential plot.

“Especially because I have a gambling problem. Maybe their luggage gets lost and they have to dress like me or vice versa or something. And I guess the gals would have to come save us.”

Obviously “Bad Moms 3” depends on the success of “A Bad Moms Christmas,” which you can contribute to now that the comedy is in cinemas.

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