Sushi and sashimi, a raw fish lover’s dream - Metro US

Sushi and sashimi, a raw fish lover’s dream

Mikado Sushi Robata
1903 – 98 Street

Rating: ****
Price range: Mid
Reservations: Yes
Signature Dish: Dragon Eyes ($11.95)
Category: Date, co-worker or social lunch
Time in: 12:25
Time out: 12:45
Licensed: Yes

It must have taken a set of brass balls to be the first to introduce raw fish to blue collar Edmonton in 1972. Mikado is still around to tell the tale.

During a conference lunch break, I swung by the South Edmonton Common location for a quick take-out. Unfortunately, certified sushi chefs can’t be rushed and my sushi & sashimi combo ($22.95) still took twenty minutes.

I got back with just enough time to wolf down succulent morsels of cool fish on their beds of tangy rice, ignoring the jealous stares of people who stayed for conference centre fare.

The best part of my Mikado lunch was its lack of consequences. My carbo-loaded comrades were dozing in their chairs within a half hour, and I managed to avoid the stampede for the coffee and danishes at the afternoon break.

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