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Sustainable Maritime mouthfuls

The Whalesbone Oyster House
430 Bank St.

(613) 231-8569

Signature Drink: Oyster Caesar ($9.50)
Signature Dish: Oysters ($45 for 18-20)

Rating: ****
Dinner for two with wine $75

Walking into The Whalesbone Oyster House, you feel immediately transported to a maritime setting. Wooden planks line the floor, a chalkboard features specials of the day, hand-written signs identify the fresh oysters, and the succulent smell of simmering chowder fills the air.

A delightful start to our meal was the Clam Chowder ($10), which was rich, full of delicious chunks of fish and other seafood and seasoned perfectly.

The catch of the evening was Newfoundland Wild Mackerel ($27), fried and crunchy, crisp on the outside and white and delicate on the inside. It was relaxing on a bed of Tomato and Potato Gnocchi, though the dish was a bit shy on the Gnocchi.

The Paella Valenciana ($30) was stunning in its presentation with B.C. Spot Prawns, wild Atlantic lobster along with other delicacies all spooned into a black, cast-iron serving pan. However, the risotto was mushy and overall, though fresh, everything was low on flavour.

A pretty way to end our meal was with the Whiskey Sour ($10). It was a stacked dome of frozen citrus mousse and whiskey ice cream perched on top of a lemon sponge cake plated with polka dots of lemon curd that were licked clean.

True to its vision of providing only sustainable fish and seafood, this restaurant has a capacity to endure and bring a whiff of the ocean to this part of the land.

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