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Swarmed and scared

A teenage girl is afraid to ride the SkyTrain and her father wants her to quit her job at Metrotown after she was attacked by a group of girls outside Nanaimo station.

Police arrested her attackers but released them without charges because of a lack of evidence, despite the incident happening in front of a security camera.

Sheshleen Datt, 18, said six girls followed her off the SkyTrain Tuesday evening, snatched her cellphone and purse, threatened her with a knife and punched her.

She said despite providing a description of her attackers and being within sight of a security camera and witnesses, her alleged attackers were let go.

“I feel really helpless,” she said. “I’m worried they might find me again. They were found with a group of guys known to police.”

Datt said it’s scary that police suggested she stay off the SkyTrain.

“Those (pink) whistles they’re giving out … are ridiculous,” she added. “How would that have helped in my situation?”

Datt said what would have helped are more security guards patrolling SkyTrain stations at night.

TransLink spokesman Drew Snider said no system is perfect, “nor is it made perfect by having an attendant at every station at all times.”

“Attackers pounce when they know they’re not being watched,” he said adding that SkyTrain does provide emergency phones and security cameras at stations.

Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning confirmed that no charges have been laid but said the file is still open.


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