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Sweet dreams are made of this

As seasons change so do the trends in how we dress ourselves, and our beds.

Just back from the New York International Gift Fair & Home Textiles Market Show, I saw plenty of emerging trends in bedding and decor.

Here’s some stylish and comforting ideas to help keep you in bed with the trends.

Luxurious basics

Sheets:?Most people think that the higher the thread count (weaves per square inch) the better the quality.

That is often true on the lower end of sheets sets but on thread count sheet sets over 350 they should be looked at by quality of cotton.

The best cotton is made in Egypt, Turkey or Portugal. The hot days and cold nights of growing the cotton created long, strong threads.

You can purchase sheets sets with 800-1500 thread count and think you are getting high quality but be careful — if cheap cotton is used, then you will get wrinkles and pilling within just a few washes.

I like to choose sheet sets that have subtle colour — look for pale blue/grey, lavender or cream sheets to add a refined fashionable colour under the duvet.

Pillows: Some like feather and some like synthetic fill. I always suggest having a mixture on the bed so that you have variety. This is especially important in a guest room where you may not know your guest’s preferences.

A feather/down pillow will offer a cushy/soft landing for your head while a synthetic pillow will give support to your head and neck.

Always protect your new pillows with a zip-up pillow case. This will keep it free from dust and stains from hair products and drool.

Don’t be afraid to wash your pillow in the gentle cycle of the washing machine either!

Duvet fills: A good quality down duvet will alway look great and give a full, puffy look to the top of the bed.

Down is also lightweight, so a large comforter won’t be too heavy to sleep under.

Synthetic comforters are great (and less expensive) for children and kids away at school as they can be washed in good hot water and are indestructible.

Silk fibre fill offers the luxurious loftiness of down with the non-allergy worries of the feathers.

Top bedding looks for fall

Spa-like: Organic cotton or linen sheets, baby-soft wool throws in pale, light colours are what soothes the mind and body after a hard day.

You relax just looking at the bed and once you jump in you may never want to get out. Pale colours such as greys, blues, taupes and off-white keep the overall feeling light and airy.

Gypsy-traveller: This eclectic mix of fabrics and prints give a young-spirited look to the bedroom.

Tie-dyed throws, patchwork duvets and bright coloured sheet sets allow for a fun mix-and-match style to the bedroom.

Go bold with this look or don’t do it at all.

Orange, rust, reds, peacock green, navy are just a few strong colours to be used for a gypsies, tramps and thieves look in the bedroom.

Pop of colour: Take a perfectly good neutral like grey, cream or gold and layer it all over the bed in various hues.

Then add a few dramatically coloured cushions or a throw in rust, purple or turquoise.

It’s a safe way to dress the bed yet stay in fashion with the season’s hottest colours.

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