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SXSW: Adam Pally and Rosa Salazar share their wildest nights

Adrian Correia

In “Night Owls,” which celebrated its world premiere at SXSW this week, stars Adam Pally (“New Girl,” “Happy Endings”) and Rosa Salazar (“The Divergent Series: Insurgent”) live through one incredibly turbulent and wild night together. So we decided to ask them about their own longest, weirdest nights. Here’s what they were willing to share:

Adam Pally’s Weirdest Night:
I had a night in college when I was in Arizona where I was kind of seeing this girl and there was a chance this other girl was going to come home with both of us and be involved. I was really psyched, and I was really, really drunk. The three of us got back to my apartment and things almost started happening, and then I was like, “Hold on a second, I’m hungry,” which was an odd thing to say. I walked outside into the living room and saw an old burrito. I grabbed the old burrito, took a bite and it instantly got me nauseous. I went to the bathroom — which was in my bedroom, so I had to walk by the two girls — and started puking for, like, three hours. When I walked out they were still there, asleep, and so I went and slept on the couch using a towel as a blanket. That was probably the longest, weirdest night of my life.

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Rosa Salazar’s Weirdest Night:
This is sort of the longest day into night. Me and a few members of a movie I was shooting — “Maze Runner” — we were in Albuquerque, and there’s absolutely nothing to do in Albuquerque. So we’re at this bar at noon on a Sunday, and we look across the street and there’s this strip club called Knockouts, open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Then 2 p.m. rolled around and they still weren’t open, so I called them, like, “Hey, are you open?” And immediately the door flung open. We went in there, and it’s like time had been sped up because when we left it was like 10 p.m. There was this one stripper named Dynamite. This is what I remember, because there was a lot of tequila, and we were the only ones there for about seven hours, and it was amazing. There was this stripper named Dynamite, she was 50 years old, dressed entirely in pink fishnet. She came up to me one time like, “You know why they call me Dynamite? Because I’m a small package.” And I was like, “Nothing about your explosive qualities?”

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