T rebounds after bad Monday meltdown - Metro US

T rebounds after bad Monday meltdown

Compared to Monday’s meltdown, the MBTA had a much better morning commute yesterday.

“We still had some residual delays in the system, some boarding issues on the commuter rail,” GM Rich Davey said. “We had a far better day than we did yesterday, still not perfect.”

The T ran empty trains overnight Monday to catch any glitches such as Monday’s propulsion and brake malfunctions during the coldest commute in five years.

But despite being shorter, yesterday’s delays in the bitter cold still spawned bitterness among riders.

“Any goodwill the T had is gone,” Brian Kane of the MBTA Advisory Board said. “It gets cold in New England, they’ve been running with this for 45 years. There has to be a better way to prepare.”

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