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T to evaders: This is not a free ride

The T is cracking down on fare evaders and launching their most aggressive efforts since the CharlieCard came along.

Today, and through the month of December, teams of MBTA inspectors will be stationed at 12 Green Line stops to thwart potential nonpaying passengers, according to MassDOT Secretary Rich Davey.

“This is not a free ride,” said Davey. “While people are waiting for the trains they will check the ticket or deduct the fare before they get on.”

Davey said the rigorous “fare enforcement blitz” would ensure the T collects its dues and speeds the boarding process along.

“The bottom line is … we need to be doing everything we can to collect every dollar out there,” he said. “The T has done some of these checks, but this is the biggest campaign since Charlie was implemented.”

The collection campaign comes as the transit authority prepares legislation to potentially raise fines for fare evasion from a $15 ticket to around $100.

The proposed legislation would also carry stricter penalties for ticket scofflaws.

With a projected $161 million deficit next fiscal year, Davey said every dollar counts,but more importantly it shows the T means business.

Davey said there are no immediate plans to conduct similar checks on other lines, however, signs are being installed urging people to pay up.

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