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Take the time to listen to yourself

It happened with 9-11, it happened as the economy plummeted, and now with H1N1, it’s happening again. In times of unrest, when the world is a whirlwind, we forget about the status quo.

We abandon our routines, forget about the past and the future, and focus on making the most of every moment we have. These tragic events wake us up, give us perspective and make us remember what is important in our lives.

Have we gotten so comfortable with the status quo that we have forgotten about dreaming, about living each moment, and about sharing our true selves with one another?

Take just five minutes today, on your walk to your car/the bus, to think about where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.

Ask, “Am I fulfilled mentally?” Do you feel stimulated by your surroundings, excited to start the day, and eager to share your knowledge with others? Are you working your mind, or are you simply following a routine?

Ask, “Am I fulfilled emotionally?” Do you get positive feedback at home? Work? Do you enjoy spending time with colleagues, family members, or your partner? Do you express your emotions? Is everyday a clashing of ideas ending in disagreement and unhappiness, or are these rare occurrences? Are you fulfilled emotionally, or is your job, your relationship, your family life, just good enough?

Ask, “Am I fulfilled physically?” Do you spend time listening to your body? Does it get rest, nutrition and exercise, or is it screaming for you to pay attention to it. Are you proactive in making good choices each day, or do you wait for a shocking event to kickstart behaviour changes?

Where are you unfulfilled, and what is something simple you can do to improve it. Whether that is taking time for you, challenging yourself to try something new, or simply starting to listen to your body, don’t settle for the status quo.

You don’t need to wait for a tragic event to shake things up.

Take a minute to remember to dream, to live, and to enjoy yourself along the way.

Christina Biluk is Director of Engagement for FUSION Halifax. Visit FUSIONHalifax.ca to find out how to get involved in shaping our city; theurbanscrawl@gmail.com.

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