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Taking the fear out of that first bus ride

The fourth annual First Riders program is another effort to help reduce fear and anxiety in parents and their children who may be first-time bus riders.

In the Northlands parking lot yesterday, dozens of ETS, yellow and coach buses were lined up with educators waiting to teach and answer questions that deal with safety in and around the bus.

“I’m reminding them about safety zones, the rules on the bus, never go in front of the bus, and always be alert around buses,” said Liz Royal, a volunteer and bus driver.

Parents and children also watched a safety video, and got to ride the bus at the end of the program.

Terry Godwaldt came with his children and was all for the program.

“I think they’ve created something that the kids can come away with a good deal of safety, knowledge and security,” said Godwaldt.

“As a parent it gives me security knowing they’re in good hands and today really made that evident to me.”

Edmonton Public Schools, Edmonton Catholic Schools and Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord are also partners in this program.

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