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Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech turns some heads

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So there’s Taylor Swift, accepting her second of two iHeartRadio awards at the appropriately named iHeart Radio Awards when she casually works in a thank you for her boyfriend, Adam. Wait, what? Isn’t Swift dating mega-DJ Calvin Harris, you ask? Well, before you freak out, let’s put those fears to rest.

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“For the first time, I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and when the crowds were all gone,” Swift said while accepting the award for Best Tour, which is apparently a thing. “So I want to thank my boyfriend, Adam, for that.”

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Don’t worry, this wasn’t her crafty and melodramatic way to announce the end of one relationship and the start of a whole new one. No, see: Mr. Harris’ real name is actually Adam Wiles. Which, when you think about it, is just as good of a DJ name as Calvin Harris.

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