Team Canada takes 5-3 drubbing from U.S. – Metro US

Team Canada takes 5-3 drubbing from U.S.

Despite crowds of up to an estimated 150,000 people and some valiant attempts at rallying support for our men’s hockey team, Vancouver’s downtown was the scene of frustration yesterday evening after Canada’s 5-3 loss to the U.S.

“Disappointing, they’re just not playing as a cohesive team,” said Calgarian Brett Horan near the end of the third period at LiveCity Yaletown. “They just can’t catch any breaks.”

The crowd was lively early in the afternoon for Super Sunday, as dressed-up Canadians filed into David Lam Park waving flags and blowing their air horns. Expectations were high for the first game between the bitter rivals since the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Any outward show of confidence by Canada fans lasted all of 48 seconds —that’s how long it took the U.S. team to score its first goal — and turned into an awkward silence.

Over at the Red Card Bar, which was at capacity for the game, fan Jason Banack insisted there would be a comeback.

“I think they can come back, I’m sure they will come back, we’ve got the best talent in the world and they’re wearing red,” he said.

When Sidney Crosby scored late in the third period it revived the crowd’s spirits momentarily, but the U.S.’s empty netter shortly after put an end to any hopes of a celebration.

Banack and his friends could only muster, “it’s not over!” while American fans chanted U.S.A.
Over in Yaletown, dejected Canada fans left the party site shaking their heads in disbelief, with some offering up tips for success in the next game.

“We should have won, we outshot them (45-23),” said Mike Haat. “And, Luongo should be in next game. It’s not over yet.”

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