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TECH: Connected Collar will monitor your pet’s activity and health levels

Are you worried about your four-footed friend’s well-being? The high-tech world can help you with a new device that promises to track and manage your dog’s behaviour and health. The Connected Collar gadget, which fits like a standard canine collar, syncs with a smartphone app to deliver you data on your pooch’s activity levels. Other features in the smart dog collar include integrated LEDs to use in the dark and a built-in microphone and micro-speakers so you can give commands to your pet from far away. Developed by Austin, Texas-based startup DogTelligent, the gizmo has been successfully funded on Indiegogo and is scheduled to store release in the U.S. in November priced at $159.95. Metro spoke with the company’s CEO, Patrick Perrine, to find out why canines and their owners need ‘smart’ help.

Why should I use this gadget on my pet?

— The collar helps pet owners keep their dog’s safe, healthy and loved. Together, our goal is to build a community of smart dog owners, who improve their pets’ lives.

The Connected Collar helps you keep that promise. And the app allows you to share your dog’s profile (including the training commands, vet information, routines, exercise requirements, etc.) with any care-taker you have watch over your dog.

What makes your collar a ‘Dog’s Best Friend’?

—- First, the Connected Collar is the only smart dog collar with this unique feature set: it has virtual fence & leash technology, health & location tracking, dynamic assisted training, in-built anti-barking, two-way communication, share-ability. And more: it is the only dog wearable designed as a platform for the Internet of Things data-sharing phenomenon.

The Collar uses cellular frequencies to function but some experts say it’s not healthy for any creature, including us. What’s your response?

—- The gadget emits the same frequencies as a mobile phone. Some research says that mobile phone and Bluetooth devices are hazardous, while an equal amount of research says that it is not. Based on our research and development, we have taken every step to ensure the Connected Collar is as safe for our dogs as a cellphone is safe for humans.

Could the dog develop an allergic reaction to the collar?

— While we can’t speak for every dog’s unique allergies, the collar is constructed out of anodized aluminum, tin-coated stainless steel with flexible, water-resistant TPU plastic that is similar to a lot of human wearables and believed to by hypoallergenic to dogs.

Wearables for pets is now a real market. Do you think it may increase even more so?

— Yes. The pet wearable industry is expected to surpass the human wearable market by 2020. For us, it’s all about leveraging technology to help make our pets happier and healthier… Who doesn’t want that for their dogs?

Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-first-all-in-one-smart-dog-collar

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