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TECH: Have your very own personal wind turbine


When in need to charge your smartphone, the days of going to a power source like a socket for some juice are over –now you can bring the power source along with you with this personal portable wind turbine. The Trinity is capable of converting wind into energy to be stored in an in-built battery system. The smallest of the four-unit range is the Trinity 50, weighing just 1.43 pounds; generating 50 watts, the dainty device stores enough power in its battery to recharge a USB device like a smartphone three or four times. “We wanted to design a portable product that gave people easy access to sustainable energy,” said Agust Agustsson, vice president of Janulus, the U.S.-based tech startup behind the gadget, which is scheduled for distribution next April.

Q: What is the story behind the Trinity project?

– My brother Einar and I come from Iceland, a country that is completely run on renewable energy. After spending a few years in the U.S. we witnessed both the high cost of electricity and the harmful effects of carbon fuels used to create it. We built our first wind turbine to lower the energy bill and that was the beginning of the development process of the Trinity. We wanted to design a portable product that gave people easy access to sustainable energy.

Q: How does this device works?

– Trinity is a portable wind turbine that folds together into a cylinder. It has an inbuilt battery system that you can use to store energy. You can choose between two blade settings, either horizontal for low wind or vertical for high wind to harness the wind in almost any situation. On the bottom of Trinity you’ll find all the plugs you need to charge up your USB gadgets or appliances. We’re currently developing an app so you can monitor the wind and control Trinity from your smartphone.

Q: Does the gadget only operate in windy places?

– It works with winds as low as 4.74 miles per hour.. The unit comes with stakes so it can handle most windy days. Also a mount to install on your home, RV [recreational vehicle – Ed.] or boat will be available after the campaign. We have tested Trinity both in Minnesota and Iceland in various different weather conditions and received great results.

Q: How will your device be used?

– The largest version [Trinity 2500] can in many cases power an entire home or put a large dent in the energy bill of a larger home. Trinity works great for your RV or as your personal power station for your electric car that allows to have access to energy wherever. The smaller versions are very light-weight, perfect for camping and charging your USB gadgets and laptop.

Q: What are your expectations for this device?

– We want to be a real alternative to solar products and allow people access to more light-weight and portable designs. This will allow consumers more versatility when choosing a power source whether you’re on the go or powering up your home. Trinity can be a great unit when it comes to emergency situations or natural disasters. With electric cars becoming more widespread we see Trinity working together as a personal portable charging station that fits nicely in the trunk of your car.

Q: Do you have a prevision to launch it on the market?

– Our goal is to ship out the first units of Trinity to backers and distributors in April 2016. We offer better prices on our Kickstarter campaign for those who believe in our vision. The products range in price from $399 to $5699, depending on the model. After the campaign, retail prices will go higher.

Website: http://www.janulus.com/

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