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Tecmo Bowl / Bo Jackson video game commercial owned Week 1 (YouTube)

This Tecmo Bowl commercial might just be the greatest spot of all-time.

During the first Sunday of NFL Week 1 each year, we get a strong taste of what will become the most annoying part of our fall and winter.

“Chicken ParmYou Taste So Good” and “Trust Your Uncle Vito If You Want” were the annoying kings of 2015 (DraftKings ran back Uncle Vito this year – a sure sign that they’re scaling back commercial spending), but 2016 has yet to crown an annoying commercialchamp (we’ll get a better sense of things with two Monday Night Football games tonight).

It’s possible that we haven’t found an annoying champ yet because of the goodwill that Kia threw at us on Sunday with that Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl commercial(see above). They say that smells spark the greatest amount of nostalgia in humans, but “they” apparently never grewup playing video games.

Above is more Tecmonostalgia to listen to.

Side note: I have great nostalgia forNES’ DuckTales video game,mostly because I’m the greatest DuckTales gamer of all-time. I walked into a college party at 3 a.m. in the early 2000s, a good 12years after I had last played DuckTales, and left 10-12 UConn stoners in shock because of how dominant I was hopping around on Scrooge McDuck’scane.

I still maintain I want “The Moon Theme” from theDuckTales the video game played at my funeral. It is the saddest song ever created.

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