Teen says ‘sorry’ in death of student - Metro US

Teen says ‘sorry’ in death of student

Matthew Lesley Grimm said “sorry” as sheriffs were escorting him from the Dartmouth provincial courthouse yesterday afternoon.

Grimm was asked by a reporter if he had anything to say to the family of David Alexander Julien, the 15-year-old victim of Sunday’s fatal single-vehicle crash in Dartmouth for which Grimm is accused of being responsible.

Grimm, who police say was driving the car that crashed into a pole, responded with “sorry” before being placed into the sheriff’s van.

Grimm will remain in custody at the Burnside jail until an arraignment hearing takes place tomorrow.

Thomas Glen Dixon, the other passenger in the car besides the victim was granted bail and left the courthouse without comment with a hooded sweatshirt draped over his face.

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