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Texas police officer fired for allegedly giving homeless person a real s–t sandwich

George Becker/Pexels

During an outreach project in San Antonio, a police officer (now former officer) was reportedlytrying to make a homeless person eat feces between two slices of bread.

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A Catholic church in San Diego told its parishioners that voting Democrat is a mortal sin, because the devil works through Hillary Clinton.

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If you get your health news from Facebook trends, you might be misinformed.

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Obama might disagree with you, but he will defend your right to speak freely. At a Clinton rally, POTUS stood up for a Trump supporter.

NYC is beefing up security after threats of attacks during the weekend’s marathon.

A jury in North Carolina watched a video of a white officer shooting a black man.

A former football player was given17 years for rape.

Rolling Stone was found liable for the fraudulent campus rape article.

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