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Text-spying app still lives, without Google’s approval

Worried your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating? The controversial app for that is back.

East Village resident Zak Tanjeloff created Secret SMS Replicator, an Android app that, once installed on your significant other’s phone, surreptitiously forwards all incoming text messages back to you. The user has no idea the app is even installed on their mobile device.

But Google pulled the app as soon as it launched last month, saying it violated their Android content policy.

But that isn’t stopping Tanjeloff from enabling jealous lovers everywhere. “It’s now on a third-party market called MobiHand.com, which is not regulated by Google,” said Tanjeloff, 24.

Tanjeloff said the idea for the app came to him while he was a student at Harvard.

“I had a friend who was convinced his girlfriend had some sort of service on his phone,” Tanjeloff said.

“She knew so many secrets about him and would confront him about it. I thought wouldn’t it be cool if there was something that actually could do that.”

“It’s illegal to bug someone but not illegal to make a bug,” he added. “We’re basically making a tool to keep people honest.”

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