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‘Textbook’ throne speech

It was a throne speech meant to shield Albertans from the worldwide economic crunch, focusing on keeping the province moving forward.

In his speech from the throne, Lt.-Gov. Norman Kwong said the Conservative government will follow through in making new infrastructure investments to hospitals, schools and public structures to “strengthen communities and help municipalities address growth pressure.”

“In today’s economic environment, now more than ever, this means investing strategically and building responsibility,” Kwong said.

Calgary Catholic School Board chair Marge Belcourt said while there’s few details in the throne speech, she is excited to hear talk for more educational infrastructure.

“It will create more space for students, and create more jobs, which is good for the economy,” Belcourt said.

The province also vowed to move ahead on plans to develop 11,000 affordable housing units by giving capital funds to municipalities to create more jobs.

Mount Royal College political analyst Duane Bratt said yesterday’s throne speech was textbook as it addressed everything from environment, health, education, forestry, energy, economy and agriculture.

“It wasn’t just current plans but future plans, too,” Bratt said.

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