Thanks to Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade, it’s time to end the NBA dress code – Metro US

Thanks to Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade, it’s time to end the NBA dress code

It’s been nearly seven years now that NBA commish David Stern implemented a dress code for his players.

It was the first time a major professional sports league did such a thing and it was met with some predictable venom.

Stern was called racist, overprotective and naïve about the day’s fashion, specifically the “hip-hop” culture that was closely associated with his players’ pre and postgame attire.

But the players quickly adapted and what came from it was a contingent that set a new, dapper trend. They were going all Mad Men on us before Mad Men even debuted.

One really must wonder what Stern thinks now. He’s created a monster.

Nowhere in his 2005 edict, did it state that glasses must have lenses. Nowhere does it state that dressing like Rick Moranis or Sally Jesse Raphael (thanks Inside the NBA crew) is against the rules.

So maybe it’s time to break the code in an attempt to return to normalcy. Putting restrictions on things sometimes only makes matters worse, as we are finally seeing.

I mean, is this:

Really worse than this:

Yup, Russell Westbrook brought back the red glasses and the fishing shirt last night at the NBA Finals postgame presser. It truly makes you yearn for the days of tilted brims, exposed tats and endless jewelry.

Reporter asks Bryce Harper a ‘clown question’

Apparently Washington Nats star Bryce Harper is a lot more comfortable with the classic boilerplate, “Hey Bryce, how’d you feel out there tonight?”

When a reporter’s lame attempt at humor failed, Harper and the Nats jock-sniffing media horde went in for the kill (fyi, the video doesn’t get much more interesting after the 0:27 mark):