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Thanksgiving songs playlist – the best Turkey Day TV sports themes

The Thanksgiving snow game between the Cowboys and Dolphins at Texas Stadium was an a

Every major U.S. holiday has song and a relevant Pandora station to get in the spirit. The Fourth of July, Christmas and even Halloween have tunes to get you in the mood.

Thanksgiving? Not so much.

The holiday is centered around food and sports. No one really likes to sing about food in public because it’s immediately assumed that you weigh 400 pounds. In fact, the only person in this history of mankind to ever successfully sing about food and make it sound cool was R. Kelly in 2004, when he smoothly dropped the line, “We got food everywhere, like the party was catered.”

Meanwhile, singing about sports is entirely sports nerdy. There are, however, some great sports related TV songs/themes out there for all to enjoy. Most of these are network NFL theme songs from years past that might spark up nostalgia of sitting next to your tanked uncle at grandma’s house in 1989.

One of the above, the old WWF Survivor Series theme, might as well be the official Thanksgiving anthem from now until the end of days. Above and below are some football themes/intros from years past that will get you in the Thanksgiving mood.

The most ’90s intro you’ll ever see

The best TV football theme of all-time, IMO

The football theme that most makes you want to go on a sleigh ride

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