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That time J.Law tried to dance her way into ‘Star Wars’

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Maybe you’ve forgotten about how Jennifer Lawrence is your adorably awkward best friend hidden inside a beautiful Oscar-winning movie star, but luckily she has a brand new anecdote to remind you.

Lawrence told Graham Norton during a visit to his talk show about the time she was at an event and spotted a table that included J.J. Abrams and Harrison Ford. “I was like, ‘Be right back guys, I’m going to say hi to the Star Wars dudes,'” she says, describing her attempt to approach their table and start dancing super-awkwardly. Which didn’t go over so well.

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“The whole table was just like [dumbfounded]. And so I realized while I was dancing, they had no idea who I am. So I turned around and walked back,” she says, adding that she “humiliated myself more than I ever have before.” Well, for now, at least.

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