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That time Karl Lagerfeld took a jab at Stella McCartney

Cindi Leive and Stella McCartney Glamour editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive and Stella McCartney talk shop in the magazine’s September issue.
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Olivia Wilde on breastfeeding her son Otis wasn’t the only hot topic in Glamour’s September issue. For her “Step Into My Office” series, editor-in-chief Cindi Leive interviewed designer Stella McCartney. Here are the highlights including a jab from uncle Karl.

Stella on her “unfashionable” start in the fashion industry
“I’m a worker, and…at 15 I was working in Paris for designers, making cups of tea. I did [an internship] with a Savile Row tailor because I am obsessed with British bespoke tailoring. That’s what I wanted to learn. At the time, it was very unfashion­able to do an internship in that world!”

Stella on her wearable collection
“When I first started, it was a dirty word to say you made clothes for people to wear.… I was a little ashamed of it. You didn’t always feel you were this amazing creative force.”

Stella on her stance against fur
“[Fur] is a disgusting industry. It’s not glamorous. But people need encouraging [to take a stand against it]. I was always told I couldn’t have an accessories business…. I almost surrendered to it! Then I suddenly had this amazing hit, the Falabella bag [McCartney’s signature tote with chain trim]. We have a really healthy accessories business, which is unheard-of without leather…. I can show competitors that we can be profitable and have a kickass company that’s not using leather or fur or PVC. We can rival your business plan even when youareusing [them].”

Stella on being “slagged off” by Karl Lagerfeld when he said that Chloé had chosen a famous name – “but in music, not fashion”
“I’m glad that wasn’t the end of me. That would have been tragic: ‘Oh, just some chick who was the daugh­ter of someone, and Karl said this, and that was the end of her.’ Anyone that slags you off in life, it doesn’t feel great, but…. It was like, Karl Lagerfeld is slag­ging me off? This is the best thing ever! I just thought it was hilarious.”

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