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The 10 best doggone Instagram accounts you should be following

I have a confession to make: My biological clock is ticking for a four-legged friend.

Unfortunately, having a canine kid is not in the cards right now, but Instagram gives me the next best thing, so here are my 10 favorite accounts I think youshould be following if you want to call yourself a dog lover.

James Loves Dogs

This U.K.-based account follows not one but three Labs, chocolates Remy and Humphrey and yellow Billy, who frolic in fields with deer, eat much better food than you do and swim their adorable little hearts out.

Neville Jacobs

Neville lives the fabulous life as one of the most fashionable It Dogs on Instagram. He hangs with Kendall Jenner, jaunts around Manhattan’s SoHo nabe like a supermodel and gets to call designer Marc Jacobs his dad. He’s even the subject of the recently published book, “I’m Marc’s Dog.”

Roofus and Kilo

Not only is this merry band of misfit rescues from Oregon among the cutest pups on the planet, they are also one of the most heartwarming accounts to follow as there is a constant flow of precious fosters in the mix. Sadly, bossy 10-year-old Bella passed away this week, leaving behind her brothers and sisters, Roofus, Kilo, Moo, Penny and Lucky.

Loki the Wolfdog

This Denver dog and his companion Kelly Lund share their outdoorsy adventures with captions bound to inspire you. And no, his account doesn’t just have a clever name:Loki is a mix of malamute, husky and arctic wolf.

Sometimes Carl

When he’s feeling especially weird, Brooklyn-based bluenose pit bull Chase goes by his alter ego, Carl. He can often be seen in various stages of hunger, laziness, judgment and put-upon (but only for show) big foster brother.

The Dogist

This photo-documentary series is the dog version of “Humans of New York.” What I love best is how New York-based photographer Elias captures the personality of the dogs he comes across in various cities around the world and how their owners always give us a tidbit about their furkids.

Lola Barksdale

New Yorker Lola has all the great captions, faces and sass befitting of a true potato unicorn just trying to make it (and eat it) in the big city.


Life’s a beach for Lab brothers Harley, Hoss and Canelo, who put their webbed feet to good use as they sun, fun, swim and surf with their four-legged friends.

Calista the Pit Bull

This “pittipotamus” was likely a bait dog when she was found badly hurt on the streets of Phoenix three years ago. Despite losing her earflaps because of her injuries, she’s among Instagram’s happiest, squishiest and loving puppers. Be sure to watch her videos to hear her happy tail thump-thump away.

Otis the Basset Hound

“Difficult People” actor and Tommy Hilfiger model Otis is usually seen rolling his eyes to show off his “bassetude,” lounging around his Brooklyn pad and strolling around the city.

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