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The 10 worst toys: WATCH unveils its annual dangerous toy list

Some of the toys may look fun if you’re a 5-year-old, but a Boston-based child safety group is warning parents about the 10 worst toys for this holiday season.

The annual 10 worst toys list was unveiled Tuesday morning by W.A.T.C.H. at the Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton.

“Don’t assume because a toy reaches a toy shelf [in a store] that it is necessarily safe,” said James Swartz, director of World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. The safety group has put out the list for 40 years.

The toys on this year’s list include a sword, a dart gun and a water balloon slingshot that warns the balloons can be fired at up to 75 mph.

“At the holidays, and every day, parents and caregivers must be aware of the dangers that even seemingly safe toys can present,” said Dr. Varuna Tuli, a pediatrician at Franciscan Hospital for Children.

Swartz also warned that there are also dangers in online shopping. He said products sold online can misstate or ignore some of the safety warnings that are offered on the toy box or by the manufacturer.

Joan Siff, the president of W.A.T.C.H, said that in the years the group has released its list there have been some improvements, but more needs to be done.

“We are in a battle fighting for safer children’s products and toys,” she said. “Our weapon in this battle is educating families and parents.”

The 2012 worst toys and their hazards, according to W.A.T.C.H, are:

*Magnetic Fishing Game by Kole Imports can be a choking hazard.

*Bongo Ball by Toys”R”Us includes confusing warnings regarding adult supervision.

*Dart Zone QuickFire 12 dart gun by Prime Time Toys can cause eye injuries and poses a choking hazard.

*Spinner Shark 4-wheel kneeboard by Fuzion is a low profile toy that can be dangerous outside near or on a street.

*Explore & Learn Helicopter by VTech includes a 24-inch cord that can cause crib or playpen injuries.

*N-Force Vendetta double sword by Hasbro is a 4-foot plastic sword that has the potential to cause facial or other impact injuries.

*Water balloon launcher by Water Sports, LLC, can shoot water balloons up to 75 mph and can cause facial injury or damage.

*Power Rangers Super Samurai Shogun helmet by Bandai includes a crown made of pointed, rigid plastic tips with the potential for puncture wounds.

*Playful Xylophone by P’kolino poses a choking hazard with its small drumstick.

*The Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists by Hasbro include no warnings or cautions.

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