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The 12 saddest Christmas trees of Instagram

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when you grab a Christmas tree and begin to decorate it with the hope of having a beautiful tree in your home.

Everything goes great at first. You have some Christmas music playing and you’re throwing tinsel like its nobody’s business. You think to yourself, this tree is going to be amazing! Your heart is swelling with hope.

But then you step back and realize that your tree is just sad looking.

What went wrong? Why is it so naked looking? Did the room just get colder? Who trusted me to place ornaments on a tree? Am I an animal?

It’s okay, Charlie Brown. Your decorative failure is our happiness and entertainment.

In celebration of the season of dashed hopes and misplaced expectations, Metro has gathered a truly magical gallery of the saddest looking Christmas trees of instagram.

Enjoy, and take comfort in the fact that your tree isn’t the only sad lookng tree in the world.

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