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The Affleck kids got a divorce puppy

The latest wrinkle in the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner breakup appears to be small, furry and utterly adorable. Some eager paparazzi spotted Affleck in Georgia this week — where Garner is filming, their three kids along for the trip — cradling the gosh darn cutest golden retriever puppy you ever did see. And Garner herself was spotted over the weekend taking their youngest son to Party City to pick up some balloons with paw prints on them. What a warm welcome!

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This can only mean one thing: It’s a divorce puppy, weaponized cuteness meant to ease the impact on the kids of the big change. According to Us Weekly, the puppy was actually adopted by the family in May, but that still lines up timing-wise. Also, oh my God look at the puppy!

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