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‘The Bachelorette:’ We need to talk about Lee

The Bachelorette Episode 3 Rachel Lindsay

Last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette” had its bright spots — looking at you, Hot Alex — and some rather dull ones — oh Fred, honey no. But beyond all that, we need to talk about s—t stirring Lee Garrett, who both appears to be this season’s villain, but also? The actual worst as far as real-life humans go.

Lee fans the flames of drama that only ill-intentioned producers could create. Case in point: Iggy (hot) and Eric (slightly less hot, but still pretty hot) get into it over Eric’s alleged insecurities. They fight without really saying much of anything, which is kind of how this show works in general. Then Lee comes over and starts trying to goad Eric for no reason.

After stirring the pot — again, just because he’s bored, or because the producers told him to — Lee says to the camera with a smile, “This is the s—t talking night, and it’s fun.” There is a wet gleam of pure insanity in his eyes, and it’s pretty unpleasant to look at.

And scenes from next week’s show see Will explaining to Lee why it’s not chill to call a black man aggressive because you know, history. “When you call him ‘aggressive,’ there is a long-standing history in this country regarding black men as aggressive to justify a lot of other things,’ Will tells him.

But also? Last week some old tweets of Lee’s popped up, and turns out he’s even worse than you actually can conceive.

The posts, which have since been deleted, are racist, sexist, and offensive to the LGBT community. I mean, in one he literally asks “What’s the difference between NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it… One has the sense of shame to cover their racist a— faces.” I’m sorry, what? He also called out #BlackLivesMatter and what he calls “gay community talk.” Charming!

I vaguely know how these things work — obviously there needs to be some sort of villainous sea witch type. But does he have to be so awful? All the hot abs in the world can’t distract from a straight up terrible dude, ABC.