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The Bacon Brothers bring their country soul sound to Beverly

Bacon Brothers
The Bacon Brothers perform at The Cabot this weekend. Photo by Getty Images

Fans are used to seeing Kevin Bacon cut a rug on the big screen, but the acclaimed actor will show off his musical side when he brings his band to the Boston area.

The Bacon Brothers, comprised of the “Footloose” star and his older brother Michael, plan to rock out at The Cabot in Beverly on Saturday night. While their music isn’t as well known as their other creative endeavors, the duo has spent the better part of the last two decades making records and touring the nation to hone their “folk rock soul country” style.

“We love to play live,” Kevin says. “Having that connection with the audience, being able to interact with them..is both a really intense and super satisfying journey.”

Check out what else the Bacon Brothers had to say ahead of their Bay State show this weekend.

Having lived in New York and Philadelphia over the years, I’m guessing you’re not Patriots fans.

Kevin Bacon: No, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like playing in Boston!

What’s the story behind your track “New England Girls?”

Michael Bacon:  When you’re a songwriter and you’re having trouble trying to express something, sometimes you switch the sex of the person your talking about. In this case, it was actually a guy. It’s kind of a tragic story. I wanted to respond to it, so I turned it into a song about a girl.

Since you’ve spent most of your time living in metropolitan areas, where did this country/folk rock sound come from?

KB: Michael lived in Nashville for a lot of years, so if you hear a little Nashville, that’s definitely coming from him. We grew up in Philly and there were a lot of different kinds of music down there. First record we did was called “Folk Rock Soul Country” – “Forosoco,” a term we came up with to describe what type of music we play.

Who were your biggest musically influences?

MB: For me, it would probably be The Band just because of their ability to switch between really rocking stuff and kind of folky sounds. And they’re about as soulful as you can get and definitely country.

If you were stuck on an island and could only listen to a few songs, what would be on that iPod?

KB: You know what I was thinking the other day? If I was stuck on an island, I’d much rather have a guitar, then you can sing them all. It’s always an interesting question, but when you’re our age, we’ve had the pleasure of living so many different genres of popular music and so many great artists that it’s almost an overwhelming amount of music that we’ve consumed. It all kind of becomes part of your soul, for lack of a better term. Both of us really admire songwriters.

If you go:

Aug. 26, 8 p.m., The Cabot, 286 Cabot St., Beverly, $32.50 – $68.50, thecabot.org

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