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The best Blake and Gwen moments on ‘The Voice’

“The Voice” isn’t just a show for emerging artists; it’s apparently also a stage for romance. Coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani reportedly started dating early November of 2015, just before the first Live Show of Season 9. Although there was zero mention of their relationship on camera, it’s clear by the way she laughs at his corny jokes and the way he smiles at her that these two are falling madly in love.

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While Gwen isn’t leading her own group in the show this year, Blake requested the help of his girlfriend as an advisor for his team. Between the romance spark last season and their mentoring partnership this season, viewers get an inside look to their relationship. While there’s sure to be more adorable Blake and Gwen moments on the way, here’s a look back at our fave moments so far:

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1. The first flirty moment on camera was caught during Season 9 when Blake pointed out how well Gwen does with contestant makeovers, which left her giggling. He was referring to country singer Chris Wayne Boyde who he stole from Gwen and ended up winning the show with. So in a way he was giving her credit for his win. Great boyfriend move!

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2. Later that same night, Blake emphasized how “Team Gwen overall is whooping the crap out of Team Adam.” He was quite sly in the way he combined his two favorite things: undermining Adam and complimenting his girlfriend. But Blake basically couldn’t say enough about how great he thinks Gwen is.

3. Before bringing Blake’s first pairing in for Season 10’s Battle Round, the couple was caught staring into each other’s eyes with pure admiration. It was a beautiful moment, but shortly lived as the camera panned away.

4. During Part 3 of the Battle Rounds, Blake referred to Gwen as a “rock-and-roll goddess, diva legend, awesome bada— miss queen,” and she totally blushed. Seems like Blake knows exactly what to say to get that big Gwen smile we love.

5. During the final Battle pairing of Season 10, Blake says if a singer from his team wins then he’ll share the victory with Gwen and she expresses how honored she was to be his team advisor. They paired up 27-year-old Brittany Kennel and 20-year-old Trey O’Dell, who impressed Blake and Gwen with their powerful vocals, though the couple gave them a few pointers on how to have strong onstage chemistry.

After the performance, Christina Aguilera told Brittany “You have that really fast vibrato,” before turning to Blake and stating, “There’s something Gwen Stefani about her.” Ultimately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Brittany won the battle, but there were no hard feelings as Christina was quick to steal Troy for her team.