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The best cheesecake in New York City that you can get delivered

best cheesecake in new york city seamless

Sometimes it pays to stick to something simple. After all, how much can they mess up a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza? Despite our love for plain New York cheesecake, we’re going to go ahead and say that rule doesn’t apply with this decadent dessert — and you’ll see why when you check out our list of the best cheesecake in New York City that you can get delivered through Seamless.

We teamed up with the popular food delivery service to find the very best cheesecake in New York City — mostly because we’re suckers for this silky sweet. Cupcakes and donuts get the bulk of attention in the Big Apple, but we haven’t forgotten the perfection of a plain slice of cheesecake.

Even so, we asked Seamless to dive into their data to find us the best slices of this sweet that their platform had to offer. The desserts not only had to deserve high marks for taste and texture but also for surviving the transit at peak deliciousness — no small feat. Sure, some of them are plain New York cheesecake, but others boast more flashy flavors. We decided they deserved their place in the ranking, too.

So make sure you have the Seamless app on your phone and then order yourself up a sweet little slice of sunshine. One bite and all that work stress will simply melt away. (OK, maybe not. But it certainly won’t hurt.)

Best cheesecake in New York City on Seamless

Here it is, cheesecake fans. The best of the very best cheesecake in New York City, and it’ll come straight to your door for those marathon streaming sessions. To earn the high honor of being named the best cheesecake in New York City, the slices from this Seamless spot had to please picky diners’ palates and earn high marks for pleasant delivery experience (read: no smushed whipped cream allowed).

Martha’s Country Bakery

263 Bedford Ave
(718) 559-0900
See their menu

Their Walnut-Brownie Cheesecake Slice isn’t one of their most popular dishes for nothing. (Their Oreo Cheesecake Slice makes the top list, too.) One top review who praised this place for being “always delicious and fresh” highly recommended the New York cheesecake, while another simply said “There is no better place for delicious dessert delivery.” But you’ll have to weigh 13 different flavor options if you’re looking to order a slice of this dessert (and seemingly endless options for other cakes, cookies and pies), so maybe order before you’re hungry so you don’t get a slice of everything. Did we mention they have cheesecake bars?

best cheesecake in new york city brownie


Runners up for best cheesecake in New York City on Seamless

But maybe you don’t live in Brooklyn and you want your cheesecake without a subway commute. That’s why we asked Seamless to pull the other top locations, all of which fought valiantly for the honor of having the top velvety cheesecake slice in the city. In that case, seek out one of these shops on Seamless to satisfy that stubborn sweet tooth.

Mia’s Bakery

139 Smith St
(347) 987-3194
See their menu

Oreo cheesecake might rank among their most ordered menu items, but there are 11 other sweet slices just waiting for you to hit “Add to Cart.” Fruit fans should check out the unique offerings here because some of the creamy cheesecakes get their luscious flavors from just fruit without muddling the taste with other ingredients. But if you’re looking for a more decadent dessert, Mia’s doesn’t forget you, either. “Mia’s is always consistent and delicious,” raved one reviewer who ordered five different desserts. “Consistently fantastic,” another top review commented, adding, “Everything I’ve ordered has been great.” And one person needed all caps to express their deep love for the cheesecake, which they say “IS OUTSTANDING!!!”


Zen Vegetarian Inc

773 Flatbush Ave
(917) 793-0651
See their menu

Thought cheesecake was no-go because dairy and eggs are a no-no? Think again thanks to Zen Vegetarian, which offers vegan and vegetarian variations on omnivore obsessions like ribs, cheesecake and General Tso’s chicken. You’ll find four flavors of vegan cheesecake to choose from on their menu, though the pumpkin cheesecake got the most praise in the reviews. But it’s possible people didn’t call out specific slices of cheesecake because, as one reviewer put it, “You can honestly throw a dart at their menu and you’ll still be satisfied.”


best cheesecake in new york city chocolate

Da Nonna Rosa

140 7th Ave
(646) 518-1259
See their menu

You’ll find four different cheesecake slices at this red sauce joint that also offers pizza, including a traditional Ricotta Cheesecake that’s homemade on the premises. But don’t think that you have to go traditional if another treat is calling your name. “The Red Velvet Cheesecake is worth the calories,” one reviewer gushed. Another praised everything the kitchen’s putting out, claiming it’s “just like my Aunts [sic] cooking.”


Junior’s 45th Street Restaurant

1515 Broadway Ave
(212) 302-2000
See their menu

Is it any surprise that Junior’s earned a top spot? Naturally, their Famous No. 1 Original Cheesecake also ranks among the top dishes ordered from this New York staple, but so do the Fresh Strawberry and Red Velvet Cheesecakes. You’ll find 15 cheesecakes available on their delivery menu, offered by the slice or whole. You can even throw in a Little Fella Cheesecake if you want some help with portion control. One review praised the “delicious cheesecake” and urged readers to “try the devil’s food variety,” and another top reviewer agreed, adding “Anytime I have a chocolate craving… the chocolate layered cake or devils [sic] food cheesecake does the trick.”

Just a word of life advice as you start scrolling through those Seamless menus: Any day is a good day for cheesecake. But make sure you mark the container clearly if there are leftovers; cheesecake won’t last long if you have hungry roommates.