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The best jobs to land while still learning

Whether you’re just looking for some extra party cash or trying to make ends meet with tuition, the college job is vital to survival for many students. While there are many part-time options, some can prove to be more lucrative than others – you just need to know where to look. Here are five of the most well-paying jobs to have while you’re in school, plus what you could earn, according to Indeed.com.

Restaurant Server/Bartender

Whether you’re waiting tables at the classiest joint in town or slinging drinks at everybody’s favourite dive bar, the cash potential is endless. If you’re good at your job and know how to up-sell, you could be raking in hundreds of dollars per night. Sometimes, the best way to land one of these jobs is by being a regular first. (The friendly, chatty kind of regular, not the intoxicated, mouthy regular who gets thrown out.)

Personal Trainer

You get to make your own hours, plus your time at work doubles as your work out. You’ll have to shell out some cash to get your certification, but you could be making upwards of $20 an hour! Not bad for a part-time job. Once you get certified, market yourself through Facebook and Twitter.

Administrative Assistant

For this job, you can venture to businesses both on-campus or off-campus. On-campus offices are probably more apt to hiring students and off-campus businesses can appreciate the savvy web and organizational skills of the modern college student. If you have mostly evening classes, personal assisting could be the perfect job for you, but it is certainly a time commitment. You might rake in as much as $15,000 a year. A polished resumé and an in-person visit is the best way to land one of these jobs.

Web Designer

Today’s college students are more tech-savvy than any previous generation. Take advantage of the skills you have because employers are desperately searching for qualified people. If you have already designed a site, market it through social networking. Post an ad for your services on job sites and Craigslist. Drop into small businesses and speak with them about how a website might be able to boost revenue. There are many different types of web designers, but you could make about $20,000 a year through consistent part-time work.

Hotel Clerk or Manager

This type of job will look great on a resumé and even give you a head start on your career if you plan to go into any type of management or hospitality. To get this job, show up looking sharp with a big smile and a professional resumé highlighting anything you’ve done that deals with people or service. The hourly wage will vary from place to place, but you could be making as much as $15,000 per year if you work 20 hours per week. Plus, people who work at front desks get to network with all kinds interesting guests.

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