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The best ramen in New York City that you can get delivered

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Spring’s finally here and summer’s just around the corner, but not even the rising temps can kill your cravings for ramen. You’ll slurp up those noodles in 100% humidity if you have to — and, in New York, you frequently have to. But if you’re going to stick your face in a steam bath to get to a bowl of noodles, shouldn’t it be the best ramen in New York City? We think so, and Seamless agrees.

That’s why we teamed up with the uber-popular food delivery service to find you the best of the best ramen in New York City. Even better, we found you the best bowls you can get delivered so there’s no need to leave the chilly cocoon your overworked AC unit manages to create in your stuffy apartment. Why sweat more than you need to in this city, right?

The Seamless team dove into the numbers for us, combing through ratings and reviews for thousands of orders so that you can feel confident that what you’re ordering is the best ramen in New York City. Since we know you’re ordering (or going for pickup), restaurants were also evaluated for how well their steamy bowls of umami goodness travelled.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Seamless app and you could be slurping your way through a bowl of happy before you know it.

The best ramen in New York City on Seamless

Here it is, folks. The best ramen in New York City that you can order through Seamless. Judging by the line of people waiting to get into the Upper East Side shop each and every night, you’re in for a treat — and you’re making the right choice by skipping the line and using Seamless.

Meijin Ramen

1574 2nd Avenue
See their menu

The most popular dishes at this hole-in-the-wall include the Chili Chicken Ramen, Meijin Miso Beef Ramen and the Shoyu Chicken Ramen. “Meijin is always excellent and always really fast,” raves one top reviewer. “They always quote us something like 60-75 minutes but then the food arrives 20 minutes later.” The ramen, diners say, is “extremely good,” “excellent” and “always the best,” but save some room for appetizers, which also earn high marks.

Still worried about getting soup delivered through Seamless? One diner, another top reviewer, noted that Meijin is “one of the few ramen delivery places where the soup base doesn’t leak through the bag” and that the “ramen was fabulous as always.”

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Runners up for the best ramen in New York City on Seamless

If Meijin Ramen isn’t in your delivery zone, we have two things to tell you: first that it’s worth the subway ride uptown to dine in, and second that we had Seamless pull you some other options. But don’t think of them as runners up. They were vying hard for the top spot, so it’s more accurate to call them restaurants where you’ll find the best ramen in New York City for various neighborhoods.

Ramen Takumi

517 3rd Avenue
See their menu

Five different mains from their ramen menu make the list of top-ordered dishes at this Murray Hill spot, and you can get any of them as stand-alone items or in “sets” that include a small salad and rice bowl. But listen up, true ramen junkies, because Ramen Takumi boasts four different meat-free options for veggie-eaters and a cold ramen for those unbearable summer months. We think this diner summed it up when she said “the ramen was packaged perfectly, with the broth separate so as not to overcook the ingredients. It was rich and flavorful with just the right amount of spice.” Consider us sold.


Peng’s Noodle Folk

1659 1st Avenue
See their menu

Although the Tan Tan Men Ramen, Marbled Pork Rib Ramen and Tonkatsu Chashu Pork Ramen get the most love through Seamless, diners praise basically everything this kitchen puts out. “This place is too legit for me to quit! YUM!!!!,” one diner ravers, with another agreeing that Peng’s produces “A+++ Delicious noodles.” But consider yourself warned before you hit order: you might just get addicted, like another diner who says they “order the beef tomato dalumen like once a week minimum, I’m hooked.”

best ramen in new york city pork


Jin Ramen Noodle & Rice Bowls

462 Amsterdam Avenue
See their menu

We’ll just go ahead and call this the best ramen in New York City when you have a noodle craving that ramen alone just won’t satisfy. Double down on the delicious carbs with a hot bowl of ramen and a cold serving of soba instead of choosing between the two. These steaming hot bowls are “one of the best ramens I’ve had!” one diner claimed. Another raved about the “delicious ramen delivered hot and fresh” despite the travel time.

Tampopo Ramen

1 Bennett Avenue
See their menu

This “excellent ramen place” gets high marks for its Shio Classic Ramen, Curry Ramen and Spicy Miso Ramen, though diners each raved about their go-to orders. One repeat customer says it’s “always the go to ramen place” and “unreal every time,” while another praised the restaurant for perfecting their delivery. “Wow! Delivery was early, packaged perfectly, hot, and delicious. What more could you want?”


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