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The best ‘Shake It Off’ YouTube covers

taylor swift, shake it off, gif, funny, humor, booty shake We watched dozens of bad covers to bring you the best of the best. You’re welcome.
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It’s the number two song on the pop charts right now and love it or hate it, Taylor Swift’s new single “Shake It Off” is inescapable. The music video has generated 99 million views in just three weeks. (Yes, you read that right.) But YouTube watchers aren’t stopping at Swift’s video – they want more. From a fraternity who got a RT from Taylor Swift herself to the cheesiest boy band covers, we rounded up the best of the best.

Fraternity Lip Dub

A Transylvania University fraternity has been racking up the views with their hilarious lip dub of the song, which they amazingly shot in just two hours. The guys saw it as a fun way to bond and are now trying to turn their new fame into a philanthropy moment. According to People.com, the fraternity plans to go to a Taylor Swift concert together, each bringing someone from the Big Brother Big Sister program as their date. Funny and sweet? Win!

Anthem Lights cover

If the amount of YouTube covers of boys singing “Shake It Off” are any indication, guys do not-so-secretly enjoy listening to some Swift. Boy band Anthem Lights showcased their cheesy dance moves and smooth vocals in their take on the song.

Mackenzie Johnson ukelele cover

YouTuber Mackenzie Johnson slows the song down a bit and adds in a ukelele. The stripped down take on the song is a nice change. Plus, Machenzie’s voice is killer!

After Romeo cover

It’s hard to tell if this boy band is acting completely serious in this cover as a joke or if they are actually really into it. Either way, the outcome will just make your day.

Madilyn Bailey, Taryn Southern & Julia Price cover

These three hot girls have decent voices and they look like they had a blast making the video. Yes, that’s enough for them to qualify for this list.

Top40Strings violin cover

Two words: violin cover.

Texas A&M dance-off

The creators of this video hit the middle of campus and asked random people to dance for 5 seconds each. The result is what you expect: people just can’t dance.

Xiaoxuan Liu’s a cappella cover

This cover proves that if you have a good enough voice, you really don’t need instruments, zero of which were used in this cover. It’s simple and it works.

2Bass bass and piano cover

And now, here is a video that grown men made turning the pop song into an elevator music using bass guitars and pianos.

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