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The Butt Trainer has the moves – and leggings – to an enviable booty

The body part of the moment is surely the booty. But one fitness entrepreneur, Boston-based trainer Kelly Brabants, got ahead of the trend two years ago when she launched Booty by Brabants, a 60-minute women-only fitness class.

“I always had a big butt; people would make fun of it when I was younger. So, I’ve always done exercises that toned the butt,” she says. “I became known to people as The Butt Trainer, because I was always doing squats.”

This month, the 25-year-old is expanding her booty beauty empire by launching a line of rear-shaping leggings. “My mom brought me a pair of leggings back from one of her trips to Brazil and I got so many compliments – but there was nothing like it available here,” she says. “Four months ago I said, ‘Mom, we’ve got to make this happen.’ ”

Brabants re-engineered the leggings and added her own design touches. The muffin top-reducing high waist creates an hourglass figure, while special ribbing smooths cellulite. The fabric is breathable for workouts, but the leggings were created to go from morning to night. “I wore mine out to a bar the other night and everyone was like, ‘Wow,’” says Brabants.

For the best results though, you’ll have to put in the sweat equity. We asked Brabants to share three of her go-to moves.

Single Leg Russian Deadlift

“A single leg RDL is one of the best glute builders, and also great for balance and core strength. I add weight and do about four sets of 10-12 repetitions on each leg.” Kick one leg back as you hinge at the hips and keep supporting with knee slightly bent. Bring the kettle bell close to the ground making sure your shoulders are back and spine is neutral. Stand up tall, keeping your weight on the supporting leg.

Goblet Squat

“The goblet squat is a great exercise to sculpt the booty and burn fat at the same time. Adding a weight to your squats works your glutes, quads and core, too. I do about five sets of 15-20 repetitions.” Hold a weight against the chest. Position feet a bit wider than shoulder-width with toes pointed slightly out. Hinge your hips and sit back and down, keeping your chest up the entire time. Shoot back up, lift your chest, and squeeze your butt at the top.

Squat Jump

Start from a deep squat. Keeping your arms back, jump and land in a squat with your weight on your heels. Keep knees over the heels and your core engaged throughout the jump. Repeat for about 25-30 seconds.

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