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The Cheat Sheet: Ah, the wisdom of politicians…

So let’s all take a minute to absorb (or distract ourselves from) what happened across the country with this month’s municipal elections (Naheed Nenshi, Rob Ford), and turn our gaze to the American horse races.

Well gosh darn it — Sarah Palin’s still making up words. Her latest creation? “Mavericky.” As in, the adjective to describe doing, well, whatever it is mavericks do. Here it in context, in the video below. Bonus read: A complete guide to all the Palinisms ever uttered by the Queen Maverick herself.

Politicians try, and mostly fail, to capture the youth vote by assuming an Internet campaign will work because, don’t young people spend a lot of time on the Internet? Think of all the spammy one-way Twitter feeds, boring Facebook campaigns or twibbons we’ve seen in recent political campaigns. But then, sometimes, you get something totally awesome. Like an attack YouTube video that recaps, Glee-style, what shenanigans a rival politician’s been up to lately. Now that’s zeitgest!

Okay, we can’t resist one more Rob Ford news item. He’s not two days into his tenure, and is already playing games with the media. He’s apparently too busy to talk to journalists, or maybe just a poor multi-tasker — he scheduled an interview with CBC’s As It Happens, then cut it short when he discovers it’s harder than he thought to answer questions about tax cuts, staffing, budgets, and transit while simultaneously coaching a football team. (To listen, click on “Listen to Part One” in this link.)

Bonus Rob Ford read: News of his victory has made quite a splash — even people in Miami have taken notice of Toronto’s bombastic new mayor, and they are chuckling at Hogtown’s expense.

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