The Child of Lov: Southern Mystery - Metro US

The Child of Lov: Southern Mystery

Gospel vocals and marching band drums get support from choral backing vocals and funky guitar, in the spirit of Blur meets Gnarls Barkley. Or I’m thinking that because of the individuals involved in the demo from new artist, The Child of Lov. Lov hails from Georgia and is a true street musician, with the hair and beard that invite spare change handouts, Jesus references and leftover sandwich exchanges. Or that’s the idea you might get from the album teaser here.

In reality, Child of Lov is anonymous in the tradition of (MF) Doom but to the next level, beyond Banksy. He’s racially ambiguous. His album is scheduled for release but good luck finding an image of the man online. Best bet is to form your opinion from his blog, hipster or hip hop, not that they’re mutually exclusive. Choose your own adventure when it comes to putting a face to the voice. Georgian gospel pop challenges you to get creative.

If you enjoy production that favors a dj’s take on call and response, electro-styled loops with thick vocals and warm strings and breathing room, there’s a strong chance you’ll heart Lov.

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