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The city’s new ‘club kids’ are 10 years old

Fuzipop! A photo from a recent Fuzipop! event. Credit: Fuzipop!

Sometimes, it can seem like New York City is an adults-only playground. If you bring your kids to a restaurant, you risk dirty looks and poor table placement, and it can seem like the city just isn’t built for them. Even Spin ping-pong and Bowlmore bowling don’t let kids in – even if they are with a parent – after a certain hour. But one couple is trying to change the city’s current “no kids allowed” climate.

Jesse Sprague and his wife Jenny Song foundedFuzipop!last year. Basically what they do is turn NYC’s hottest clubs into pop-playing arenas for elementary schoolers. Imagine Pink Elephant full of 9-year-olds bouncing up and down, singing along to Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars. The events are held once a month and take place in the middle of the day. It’s $20 for a parent and child to attend. Once you get in, the club atmosphere is in full effect, with 9-year-old D.J. Kai spinning tunes inspired to get everyone on the dance floor. D.J. Kai may be only 9, but she’s probably cooler than you are, expertly mixing in trendy electronic songs with the biggest pop hits.

“Our goal is to provide an amazing afternoon experience of electronic music, dancing, live performances, art and socializing for the entire family. We want to inspire the next generation of DJs, music producers, artists, dancers and music business moguls. Growing up in New York City is a unique one-of-a-kind experience, and city kids deserve an event of the same stature,” Sprague and Song say on the Fuzipop! website.

To get more information or to check out a list of Fuzipop! events, click here.

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