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The couple who relax at spas together …

After sitting in front of the computer all day, most of us return home clutching our shoulders, turning to our significant others for a rub. Which they sweetly — sometimes begrudgingly — do because: a) they love us; and b) we are good at whining. But wouldn’t it be great if you could both be pampered at the same time? To find out more about spa services for two, we turned to Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa, which was started in France by husband and wife duo Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, who clearly understand the benefits of relaxing together. “These are things [Mathilde and Bertrand] like to have, so they feel like any other couple should be able to have them, too,” says Caudalie’s treatment manager, Regine Berthelot. She explains why this popular pastime should be a regular part of your bonding ritual.

Extra connection

“When couples come together for treatments, there’s an extra connection when they are in the same room. It’s so nice because they both get to share the experience.”

Be at ease

“You can definitely tell the couple who has had treatments together before. They are so cute; they hold hands during the treatments. First- timers can be shy. Our therapists put them at ease right away. Before we start a treatment, a therapist will step out of a room and let a client know exactly how to lie down and show them where to put their robe so they don’t have to move afterwards.”

You pick who works on you

“You choose your thera-pist. Women often ask for men; men often ask for women. It really depends on the person and what makes them comfortable — that’s the bottom line.”

Talking is allowed, though relaxation is key

“Couples do talk. It makes it a very nice time; we don’t mind it. Once you are relaxing, things will come into your mind. And the therapists are so discreet, clients feel like they are alone. But to get the most out of it, you should try to be quiet.”

Not just for couples

“Mothers and daughters come in together often, as well as girlfriends. The girlfriends will be the most chatty. They come because they actually want to spend time together and catch up.”

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