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The craziest things seen on the MTA, according to Reddit

There are three things all New Yorkers love to talk about: rent, brunch, and the MTA. Often times when people talk about the MTA it’s usually to complain, but every now and then though, people share their “you’ll never guess what I saw on the subway” stories.
So what is the craziest thing you’ve seen on the MTA?
The question was posted to the subreddit/r/AskNYC and users responded with tales of excrement, rat on rat violence, and lots of blood.
Here are some of the best answers:
Rat Race
“A rat shoved another rat onto the subway track just as the 1 train was pulling in. Straight up gangster.”

New York in the 80s
“Got splattered with blood from a guy diving in front of the L in Union Square.”
“Oh, and found a dead guy with his head crushed in the connecting tunnel between Atlantic Ave & Pacific St. Found a group of cops further ahead. Told them what I saw. They laughed at me and turned back to their conversation.Yeah, the 80s were interesting.”
When you gotta go, you gotta go
“I fell asleep on a Bowling Green bound 5 train, and didn’t wake up until after the doors closed at Bowling Green.”
“The train went through some weird tunnels after that and stopped between stations. After 10 minutes or so, I got tired of waiting and started going toward the front of the train to see if I could find the conductor and ask how much longer before we turn around.”
“I was walking from cart to cart until I ran into someone sitting between the cars. It turned out to be the conductor taking a s–t.”
Business attire
“A guy in full business attire passed out sitting up on the 4/5 train. Suddenly he just starts barfing all over himself. I switched cars quickly but I was surprised by how suddenly he just started spewing.”

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