‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah tells Ben Carson ‘slaves weren’t immigrants’ – Metro US

‘The Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah tells Ben Carson ‘slaves weren’t immigrants’

After Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, compared slaves to immigrants this week, Trevor Noah took to the airwaves to highlight a few key differences.

“That’s one way to describe slavery… makes them sound like they work at Walmart,” Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” said Tuesday. “The problem with slavery wasn’t that they were under paid, it’s that they weren’t paid.”

Carson’s comments came Monday during his first time addressing his staff.

The next day Carson defended his comments, calling slaves “involuntary immigrants” and telling people to “look up the word.”

Well, Noah did just that.

Merriam Webster defines an immigrant as “a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence.”

Noah said slaves aren’t immigrants because they didn’t have choice.

“Saying that slaves were just another immigrant group erases how black people were uniquely oppressed in America. It helps justify blaming African Americans for their hardships,” he said. “It’s like judging white people for bad twerking without acknowledging that their asses are historically disadvantaged.”

Watch the five-minute clip below: