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The deeper meaning of the new ‘Mad Men’ poster

A haunting new poster was revealed for the premiere of “Mad Men”‘s long-awaited season five and creator Matthew Weiner explains that it reveals more about the significance of the upcoming season than you might think. He explained to the New York Times:

“This is a dreamlike image,” Mr. Weiner said, likening it to work of the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico, who specialized in surreal, mannequin-like figures. The image is “a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be,” Mr. Weiner said. “By the end of the season,” he said, “I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.”

Well, first, there’s nothing particularly new about a woman throwing herself at Don. Just spitballing here, but could the nude mannequin have something to do with Don’s woefully stupid choice of a new wife, his secretary Megan?

And what about their featureless faces? Dream sequence! Yes! Keep in mind that Weiner, as a supervising producer of “The Sopranos,” co-wrote one of the most ground-breaking episodes of that series, “The Test Dream” which was an hour-long trip into in the mind of Tony Soprano. Watch out for the crude language, but check out a snippet of it here. If Weiner can take Don Draper to that same scarily realistic and wild subconscious world, we have a lot more to look forward to besides all the amazing outfits, rampant drinking, smoking and philandering.

Or maybe it’s really just about getting laid. What else do you expect from a guy named Weiner?

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