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The Ettes are ‘Wicked’ cool

Lindsay Hames has always been weird. At least that’s what her family says. According to the singer and guitarist for the Ettes, who goes by the stage name of Coco, her father saw her band’s show and found it in keeping with her character.

“My dad came to see us when we played Asheville, and my dad was like: ‘You’ve always been this way. You are so weird,’” she reveals with an almost mischievous giggle. “In our house, I painted all the walls black when I was like 10, and I’d always have the shades down like some crazy cave den.”

Whether she realizes it or not, Coco has actually made a pretty accurate metaphor for the most recent Ettes album, “Wicked Will.” And just like “some crazy cave den,” it is dark and creepy, yet there is a playful energy that might turn into a pillow fight at any moment.

“I like creeping people out, and I like being creeped out a little bit,” says Coco.

Many of the songs on “Wicked Will” have themes of sizing up opponents. Hames jokes that she doesn’t start fights, but she ends them. “I like all art forms when it has an air of menace about it,” she says.

Chips fall where they May

The Ettes are currently opening up for Irish rockabilly revivalist Imelda May. Coco says that May is not necessarily an opponent that she is sizing up; but still, she had better watch her back!

“We kind of rock the same, whether it’s a tiny club or a massive stadium, we’re just polite about time,”says Coco. “We’re really good about that, we just might be better than you, that’s all. We might blow you off the stage and play a show that you can’t possibly come up against, but we’ll do it in the time frame.”

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